Materials & Resources

Choose the resources below that help you and your student reach your goals. You do no not have to use all of the resources below. However, these resources are suggestions.

  • Lessons in Nature Study 6th Grade by Jenkins and Kellogg
    Lessons in Nature Study (guide) 6th Grade
  • Alternative text Nature Study and Life (on Menu Bar) by Clifton Hodge, Ph.D.
  • (For more information about the above textbooks, see the notes on the 3rd Grade Science page. If there is more than one student in your family, everyone may like to observe the same set of animals and plants together.)
  • Science reading report
  • Science Notebook How to Keep a Field Journal

Topics to be covered this year

Additional Topics if Time permits


Helpful lessons, worksheets, graphics, etc. from Math Science Nucleus
Bill Nye the Science Guy Site

Summaries and quizzes from the entire 6th grade McGraw-Hill science
Everything you ever wanted to know about the solar system
Utah 6th grade interactive science sites: the moon, solar system, sizes/distances






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