Materials & Resources

Topics to be covered this year

  • Prehistoric peoples
  • The earliest civilizations
  • The early Greeks
  • Early India and China
  • The Islamic world
  • The Middle Ages
  • African civilizations
  • Civilization in the Americas
  • The Renaissance
  • The rise and fall of monarchies
  • Birth of modern democracy
  • The French Revolution Common Sense Paine, Thomas
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • The Age of Big Business; a chronicle of the captains of industry by Hendrick
  • Nationalism
  • Imperialism
  • Science and industry
  • The world wars
  • World War I
  • Between world wars
  • World War II
  • The Cold War
  • The Vietnam War
  • The search for peace
  • Democratic ideals and values
  • The rise and fall of Communism
  • The collapse of the Soviet Union
  • World interdependence
  • World problems and issues
  • Role of women in today's societies


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