How to use your In-depth Studies guide.

We have called our units In-Depth Study modules be cause we see them as a natural extension of curriculum that is already being presented to the student. With the in-depth study planning sheet you can study virtually any topic in more depth, with more in tensity, and also be assured that you are covering all
the required content area. By using the plan ning sheet, you can see that you have a well rounded approach to the module being studied. You will have a good variety of media and in for ma tion, as well as cover several or all the necessary school subjects with your study.

You will begin by defining what the topic of study is, focusing on that topic in a way that makes it accessible to the student. You will then decide with the student on what goals you are trying to meet during is or her re searching of the topic area. Next you will begin to assemble information and re sources on
the topic for the in-depth module. By fi lling in each of the areas on the sheet, you will explore the many sources for information on the module. Be sure to include “field trips,” which can be simply enhancedopportunities for learning, such as visits to the grocery store, the dentist’s office, or the park. Recording
these experiences is important in homeschooling, where accountability can be im por tant. Next you’ll want to be sure you’ve covered each content area. Language arts may be cov ered by reading books taken out from the li brary. Writing reports or sto ries on the topic can cover several content areas such as history or geography, cursive writing skills, or illustrating the student’s story can be an art exercise too.

The basic idea of integration is important in in-depth studies. Remember the “glue.” Students remember more of what makes sense to them. The more they can relate information to their own lives and the more chance they get to use that in formation, the better they will remember it. Humans are storymaking creatures and we want our world to make sense to us. The interconnectedness of in-depth studies with all areas of the curriculum allows this powerful glue to do its work. In-depth study modules are perfect for portfolios and can be paired with the portfolio guide and information sheet to make a strong impact on the evaluator of your child’s academic school year.

We will be working on developing our own line of in-depth study modules as the year progresses and will make them available when they are released. Check our website, and feel free to make suggestions through e-mail or in our guest book. Enjoy.

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