My User name and Password don't work, why? Enroll Now!

Make sure you are using lowercase letters in both the user name and password. Make sure you are not blocking the resend of your user-name and password with a spam blocker. And lastly, your user-name and password are based upon the account that you gave when you made payment, if that has changed, or if it is not your own, you must email us with enough information so that we can track down your account and reset your user-name. We will need: The name payment was made under, the email address that was used to make your payment, and any other names or email addresses the account may be under. This is a line item search of over 500 users so we need as much to go on as possible.

I can't access "@@Homeroom@@," why?

"@@Homeroom@@," is a premium service (available Fall semester only) that allows the student to have a customized homeroom built for him or her for an increased fee. The customized homeroom is adjusted to the student’s needs and ability levels and presents course work in a more organized way than the "basic" level of enrollment. Services include online record keeping and scheduling for the student and parent.

I login, but it's like I didn't.
AOL users:
AOL seems to have a problem recognizing our login procedure. There is nothing we can do to correct this. The only option is for AOL users to use a different browser when accessing Virtual Homeschool International. There are several options available to you. We find FireFox works best for us. But there are other choices. Try accessing the site with another browser and if you still can’t login, let us know and we will look into the problem.
Non-AOL Users:
I logged in but nothing happened! Although this is frustrating, and you may think that something is wrong, or that you have forgotten your password, try logging in again. Sometimes the system just hiccups and you need to log in twice. If that doesn't work, try clearing your browser cash (usually found under Tools/Internet), and/or close the browser and restart it again.

Alternative Browsers

I can't open any PDF files, what is wrong with the site? The problem may be in your computer. Some users have reported that opening PDF files makes their computer freeze after long periods of being able to use the PDF files in the past. The Adobe site offers a help file for just this problem and it can be accessed at ADOBE.

This problem is not a site problem but a problem within your local computer and it needs to be corrected by you. We can not change settings on the site to correct the problem for you. The Adobe site is your best resource for this particular problem.

I'm not getting emails from VHI, why?

Earthlink (or other spam blocked sites) users are often using a spam blocker that uses a form to admit email from other sites. Many of the mailings from VHI, such as user-name and passwords, are automated and will not get through this form filling system. Contacting VHI through the site contact links will still produce the same problem as we find the process annoying and time consuming and will not fill out the forms. Email VHI from a non-Earthlink email address and ask us to change your contact information, and we will be more than happy to make changes to your account. At that point you should get all of your contact and user information without problems.

How come not all the Topics listed on course pages have links?

Links in the course room topics list are for information and examples. They are extras to help with the topics covered in the MATERIALS listed on the top of the course page. Not all of the topics have or need links. The topics to be covered are located in the materials listed in the materials section, or may be explored by the student and parent in addition to the materials listed on the site. Not every topic in every course room will have an associated resource. The VHI library may be accessed for these topics, or the alternative libraries listed on the site may be of service. Local libraries and search engines such as Google or Ask Jeeves may be helpful as well. More options are listed in the Student Resources available from the Start Page.

How come there are not worksheets for all the topics?

As a rule, we don't like work sheets. They are the busy work most children and adults hate about public school. There is no research that shows that they improve learning outcomes, as they happen after the fact. There are three exceptions, one is Math. Practice and repetition is important in Math work and learning and so we provide, when possible, worksheets or access to worksheets. Another time we provide worksheets is as a treat or distraction. As a rule we don't use them. We provide thought sheets that are meant to create and provoke thought and questioning in students. The last time we recommend a work sheet is for spelling. Again, the repetition is helpful in learning to spell.

Where are the tests?

We don't use tests. Tests are only useful if:

  1. You are comparing a student to other students in a classroom.
  2. Are comparing students to assign a grade to students in a classroom.
  3. Are going to go back and make sure the student understands all of the questions that he or she missed on the test. In an homeschool situation, you are already doing this.
How can I be sure my student is keeping up?

Consider with whom you want to know your child is keeping up. Public school children are already behind simply because your child has you.

Is your child working at a comfortable level for him or herself, and for you?
If your child does not seem challenged by the level at which he or she is working, consider moving him or her up a level in that subject area.

The subject area course curriculum is based on what most students in your child's grade, nation wide, are doing this school year. If your child is doing that level, then he or she is keeping up. If he or she is not working at that level, and can not do that level, then your child needs to work at his or her success level, and it does not matter what the rest of the world is doing. It is much more important that he is she understands the material and that he or she is working at his or her own comfort and success level than it is that he or she is keeping up. That is the beauty of homeschooling.

Is Virtual Homeschool International a licensed or accredited school?

The long answer:
Virtual Homeschool International is a homeschooling resource center and curriculum provider. As a homeschool learning resource, Virtual Homeschool International believes it is in the best interest of its students and parents to remain separated from the negatives associated with government licensing. We are a non-profit organization, and maintain the status of a homeschooling resource center and curriculum provider. Those who subscribe to Virtual Homeschool International look to their local home education laws for oversight. We believe this gives parents the highest level of freedom to educate their children properly.

The short answer:

No, homeschools do not need to be accredited. Your decision to homeschool and your choice of curriculum are protected by law in all 50 U.S. states. Accreditation would obligate Virtual Homeschool International to provide an environment and curriculum that are similar in many ways to situations you are hoping to avoid by leaving the public or private school environment and making the decision to homeschool.

Will my child receive an education that is equivalent to the education received by children in public schools?

The short answer:

No, it will be a better and more complete education.

The long answer:

No, in most cases it will be much better than the education received by children attending public schools. Although we do not require or endorse standardized testing, research has shown that the majority of children who are home schooled score above grade level on standardized tests. It is not uncommon for a child to proceed through the curriculum faster once he or she has left the traditional environment for home education. Because the responsibility for the child's learning is shifted from the "teacher" to the student, the student tends to "own" his or her knowledge and comes to respect the learning environment homeschool facilitates.

What about graduating and granting a diploma?

There are two options in graduating and diploma granting.

The parent grants the diploma and graduates the child once the parent determines that the child has completed enough high school curricula to be able to succeed in college.

The parent and child enter into a graduation contract with VHI, the child completes the contracted senior year curriculum or project, and VHI grants the child a Virtual Homeschool International diploma.

Do colleges and universities take homeschool diplomas seriously?

Yes, they do, along with other evidence of achievement such as SAT or ACT scores, a portfolio of accomplishments, projects, and curriculum studied, and in some cases an interview with the student, along with a "Statement of Purpose," which tells the university who you are and what you intend to do with your college degree. This is much the same as it is for any graduating senior in any educational setting. And your student is eligible for Financial Aid Too. The Home-School Legal Defense Association has a detailed list of colleges and Universities that accept homeschoolers.

What if I decide to put my child back in public school? How will they know what grade to place him or her in without testing or grades?

The principal and teachers of the public school your child will attend will make this decision. They will make this decision regardless of what testing or evidence of achievement you provide for them. It is their decision and other than making suggestions you get little say in what they do. They will most likely place your child in the grade or program your child would be in if he or she had not left the public school setting. He or she will take subject area placement tests if other children of that grade level are also taking them. It really is out of your hands. Look at it this way: you and your child will not have lost anything if you homeschool, or if you continue to homeschool. And you both have much to gain.

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