There are an assortment of online games that are availible for a short time off after all your hard work. Games are located on the Games menu Beneath the "Course Rooms" under the item you clicked to get to this page. Scroll down and find the game you wish to play.

VHI Arcade has several arcade type games: Simon, Asteroids, Snake, Alien Attack, and Pac Man.

Pipes is a tubular trial on a table top.

Sonic is a version of Sonic the Hedgehog

Dodge Ball
is that regular throw the balls at the other guys game.

Huhn is a hunting game where you shoot at birds, but they come back to life.

Pong is that old standard that started the video game revolution.

Paint by Number Has many interesting paintings offered here as well as classic artists. A good way to learn their works.

Sweetie Keeper A Bejewled type of game

Tabla tablet game like that numbers or trafic game

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